SALEM, Ore. -- Anti-tax activist and GOP gubernatorial candidate Bill Sizemore requested a speedy tax evasion trial in order to continue his quest for the governor's mansion.

Sizemore and his wife, Cindy, made their first court appearances on Monday.

They were indicted last month on tax evasion charges for failing to file returns for the tax years 2006, 2007 and 2008.

Sizemore called the charges a political attack by public employee unions and state Attorney General John Kroger, a Democrat who had union support.

Those unions and Sizemore have been in a long-running legal battle. On Monday, the Oregon Education Association -- the state's largest teachers union -- said Sizemore continues to act as though he is above the law.

It's not that he's being politically targeted; he keeps breaking the law, said OEA spokeswoman Becca Uherbelau.

In 2002, a Multnomah County jury found that Sizemore's former political action committee had engaged in a pattern of racketeering by filing false financial reports and using forged signatures to qualify anti-union and anti-tax measures for the ballot.

He has since been found in contempt of court three times for violating restrictions on his political activities.

Sizemore, a Republican gubernatorial candidate, said if necessary he would run the campaign from behind bars.
The couple was expected to enter pleas later this month.

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