Portland loos

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland could soon be shipping its public bathroom model to cities around the world.

City Commissioner Randy Leonard, who co-designed the $140,000 prototype "loo," says so far Australia, Canada, and some other cities in the U.S. have expressed interest in ordering the model.

From its prison-grade toilet, to an indestructible faucet on the outside, Leonard says the bathrooms are not only convenient for people in Old Town, they also make it easier for police on patrol.

"The police have found it very effective," Leonard said. "When they see four legs in there they say 'there are two legs too many in this loo, somebody needs to come out,'"

The city has ordered four more of the restrooms, at $57,000 apiece.

The city said that they would be selling the facilities to other cities, using the proceeds to pay for creating more bathrooms, as well as cleaning and maintaining the ones already in use.

(KGW Reporter Randy Neves contributed to this report)

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