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  • Evacuation level lowered for Malott Mandatory evacuations are in effect for areas outside of the town of Brewster, but residents are still allowed in the town of Brewster.
  • The Carlton Complex Fire, burning in the Methow Valley, has burned a combined 215,000 acres. It is zero percent contained.
  • The Carlton Complex consists of four fires: Stokes Fire, Gold Hikes Fire, French Creek Fire and the Cougar Flat Red flag warning until 9pm Saturday for the Columbia Basin and Spokane area, including Winthrop and Chelan An estimated 100 homes have been destroyed.
  • About 2,000 firefighters are working in Eastern Washington; an additional 1,000 National Guard troops and active duty military could be called.

WINTHROP, Wash. - Howling winds are pushing a massive wildfire in north-central Washington in new directions Saturday.

But officials say there are still no reports of injuries and only one more home was destroyed overnight.

Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said the wildfire that has blackened more than 260 square miles has calmed down near Pateros, where it destroyed about 100 homes Thursday and Friday. He said it is running out of places to burn in that area.

The fire has picked up on its north side closer to Winthrop. But he says the winds have been erratic and are blowing the very active fire in different directions.

Rogers says the active fire is burning in an area that is more sparsely populated, but homes are scattered throughout the woods.

A massive wildfire that has destroyed at least 100 homes forced the residents of a second north-central Washington town to leave their homes Friday, and prompted a partial evacuation of a third community in the scenic Methow Valley, a sheriff said.

We basically evacuated the whole town of Malott, Okanogan County Sheriff Frank Rogers said Friday night. Those living in outlying areas of Brewster were also told to leave.

Malott is home to about 500 people, while the population of Brewster is about 2,400.

No injuries have been reported, the sheriff said, adding he knew the damage toll has grown but he didn't have an updated number.

We know we've lost more homes, he said.

Watch:Raw footage of damage in Pateros area

The hospital in Brewster was evacuated late Thursday. Outlying residents were told to leave on Friday, Rogers said, because the fire is just kind of picking up and blowing down toward Brewster. Smoke in the town on Friday was so thick it nearly obscured the Columbia River from adjacent highways. The smoke extended all the way to Spokane, 150 miles to the east.

Fire swept through the town of Pateros on Thursday, leaving its 650 residents to return to large areas of smoldering rubble.

Gov. Jay Inslee, who headed to the wildfire area near Wenatchee Friday, said about 50 fires were burning in Washington, which has been wracked by hot, dry weather and lightning. Some 2,000 firefighters were working in the eastern part of the state, with about a dozen helicopters from the Department of Natural Resources and the National Guard, along with a Washington State Patrol spotter plane.

Karina Shagren, spokeswoman for the state's Military Department, said 100 National Guard troops were on standby, and up to 1,000 more in Yakima could receive additional fire training. Active duty military could be called in as well, Inslee said.

How you can help:Northwest Response

Sections of several highways were closed in the Methow Valley, a popular area for hiking and fishing about 180 miles northeast of Seattle.

Wildfires devastate town of Pateros

Friday's dawn revealed dramatic devastation in Pateros, including solitary brick chimneys and burned-out automobiles. Most residents evacuated in advance of the flames, and some returned Friday to see what, if anything, was left of their houses.

A wall of fire wiped out a block of homes on Dawson Street. David Brownlee, 75, said he drove away Thursday evening just as the fire reached the front of his home, which erupted like a box of matches.

It was just a funnel of fire, Brownlee said. All you could do was watch her go.

The pavement of U.S. Highway 97 stopped the advance of some of the flames, protecting parts of the town.

Firefighter Don Scahfer reported several community buildings were destroyed, including the local post office, school, a church, and a hardware store.

Two major power lines, one feeding Pateros and one feeding Winthrop and Twisp, have burned, causing a widespread power outage in the county, said Scott Miller, the county's emergency manager.

Most of the Methow Valley from Carlton to Mazama was without power after utility poles burned.

Evacuations of Pateros took place late Thursday night in Okanogan County due to a wildfire that has burned dozens of homes along the Columbia River. Thirty-five homes in and near Pateros have been destroyed, according to county officials.

Contributing:KING 5's Michael Konopasek, Associated Press writers Nicholas K. Gernaios in Spokane and Donna Blankenship in Seattle.

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