SCAPPOOSE, Ore ---A St. Helens woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Tuesday morning, on the side of Highway 30 near mile post 17 in Scappoose.

Courtney Ossig was in labor as her mother, Melissa Ducham, drove her to St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland. But they didn't make it there.

Mom, it's now! Ossig recalled screaming as they pulled over. Just feet from speeding cars and semi trucks, Ossig lay in the back seat of her Pontiac G6 birthing center. Her mom tended to her as she dialed 911.

Um, I have my daughter in the car and she's in labor, Ducham told the emergency dispatcher, as her daughter screamed in the background.

You can do it! Ducham assured her daughter, on the 911 recording. There's the baby's head right there, said Ducham. Okay, keep your hand on the baby's head, said the dispatcher. Hang onto that baby!

Moments later, paramedics arrived.

It's crazy (Ducham) did it and not a doctor, said Ossig. It's exciting, it's a good story to tell, later.

Anthony Rene Harlin was born at 10:10 A.M. He was 19 inches long and weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces.

It happened so fast, like the first push the water broke, the second push, he was out! Said the baby's father, Tony Harlin. It was just absolutely amazing, said Ducham. I would do it all over again.

I don't want to do it again, said Ossig, referencing the pain of giving birth, without an epidural. I felt every part of it.

In the future, if someone doesn't believe baby Anthony's story, his parents can just show them his birth certificate. It will list Highway 30 as his place of birth and Grandma Ducham, as the person who delivered him.

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