VANCOUVER -- A record crowd was on hand Monday night as Vancouver City Council took a stand against a proposed oil terminal. Most of the nearly 700 people who showed up to the meeting were opposed to the project.

The crowd was so large that the meeting was moved to the Vancouver Hilton Hotel. It lasted until 1:30 Tuesday morning.

Eventually, the council voted 5 to 2 to not only fight the Tesoro-Savage oil terminal that would be built at the Port of Vancouver, but also any other proposals to increase the amount of crude oil hauled through Clark County.

Critics said they were worried about safety. Supporters noted it would bring jobs to the region.

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People have died. That is a fact, said councilor Bart Hansen to Turlay as the meeting moved into the early morning hours. There have been derailments. That is a fact. There have been gallons spilled into the environment.

Later, Leavitt said he was voting no, but only because it was slightly better than voting yes on an issue the council doesn't yet know enough about.

If I'm the governor and I look at a resolution by the City of Vancouver that says we don't support it, but we haven't even looked at the environmental impact statement yet, I think it negatively affects our credibility, he said.

The decision will ultimately be up to Governor Jay Inslee and environmental officials whether the terminal can be built. The council's vote simply shows them that Clark County is against it.

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