PORTLAND -- With so many craft breweries in Oregon, It was just natural that Yard House, a national upscale restaurant chain, had to be in Portland.

The beer hall features 130 draft beers. Fifty from Oregon, 25 from Portland and seven from Washington.

The 16,000-square-foot restaurant, in the former Saks Fifth Avenue space at Pioneer Place, is the company's 53rd location.

It will serve more local beers than any of its other restaurants.

Yard House will now compete in a city that is known as a foodie town and a city that takes its craft beers very seriously.

After a month of classroom instruction, tests and quizzes, the 200 new employees are ramping up for the grand opening next Thursday.

I'm nervous, that's why we're practicing, said Katie Waibel, one of the servers.

Around 5,000 gallons of beer are kept in a glass-enclosed keg room at a constant 34 to 36 degrees.

An intricate tubing system brings the brews to the bar, ready for customers.

Yard House opens to the public May 29 at 11 a.m. in Pioneer Place.

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