PORTLAND -- While details of the story of the California woman who says she was held captive for a decade come out, people wonder how it could have happened.

Isidro Garcia was accused of kidnapping his former girlfriend's then 15-year-old daughter and sexually assaulting her. Police say Garcia forced her to marry him in 2007 and fathered a daughter with her in 2012.

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Neighbors said they were shocked by what they learned. They thought Garcia was a good man who worked hard to provide for his family, and they couldn't believe it took the woman so long to get away.

KGW talked with two local psychologists who said the situation was not too surprising.

In these cases, we always have a power differential. Someone has great power and the victim is powerless. They become totally dependent on their captor, said Dr. Tony Farrenkopf.

University of Portland assistant professor Dr. Deana Julka agreed.

There is a survival mode that kicks in she wold do everything she can to survive, she said.

That could mean staying with her captor. Both psychologists said it is possible for the woman to recover, but it will likely take a lot of time and support from her family.

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