PORTLAND -- The ex-husband of GOP Senate candidate Dr. Monica Wehby told police she harassed him while they were going through their divorce back in 2007, according to a police report obtained by KGW.

The police report outlined a specific incident after a 2007 Christmas party when James Grant called 911 and told responding officers that his then estranged wife had hit him in the face with a notepad. The two were just two weeks from getting their divorce finalized at the time, and were still living in the same home, but on separate floors, according to the investigating officer.

Grant also told the officer he was tired of the ongoing harassment from Wehby and claimed that she had pulled his hair, slapped him and thrown items at him over the past year.

Wehby, a pediatric surgeon, has been leading the race against Jason Conger in the Senate GOP primaries. But just last week, allegations surfaced which tarnished her campaign. It was revealed that Wehby was accused of stalking her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Miller in 2013.

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KGW requested background police reports on Wehby after the Miller allegations surfaced. This is what led to the 2007 findings involving her now ex-husband, James Grant.

According to the police report, Wehby said she waved a pad of paper in Grant's face, but did not touch him.

While investigating Grant's claims that Wehby hit him during the 2007 Christmas party dispute, the officer noted seeing a slight red dot on Grant's face. The officer said it did not look recent and looked more like a zit, according to the police report.

In addition, in 2009, Wehby allegedly violated her custody agreement with Grant and he filed another police report. Grant said Wehby pounded on his door and demanded to see their kids. Grant and Wehby were not allowed at one another's homes, as part of their agreement. The children eventually came to the door, she said goodbye to them, and left, the police report stated.

Late Monday, Wehby released this statement in response to the latest police reports surfacing in the news:

Like a lot of women, I ve gone through a divorce that was a very trying time for me and for my family. I'm deeply saddened that such a personal matter, which bears no relevance to my senate campaign, has been used as a political weapon to attack my character.

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In the 2007 matter, the officer gave both Wehby and Grant information about domestic violence and restraining orders, but no charges were filed.

As for the more recent case, Miller has said he regrets calling police in 2013, he and Wehby are now friends and he supports her campaign for Senate. KGW also learned that it was a researcher with the Democratic Party who first requested the 2013 police report that was leaked to the media.

On Monday, the day before the primary election, Wehby was not making any public appearances.

This is every politicians worst nightmare, said KGW political analyst Len Bergstein. What I'm talking about, is the story that won't end. It seems to keep dribbling out. We've seen this over and over again, where there is a problem, it seems to be over and then another piece comes out.

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