PORTLAND People across Oregon experienced a array of unusually weather this weekend with some reporting, hail, thunder and lightning and even funnel clouds. One man was killed in weather-related accident.

The damage from the storm Sunday was evident on one Portland block, where a tree crushed two cars and knocked out power to nearby buildings.

Photos: Tree crushes two cars in SWPortland

The pounding rain and wind knocked the huge tree over and momentarily blocked the street at Southwest Yamhill Street and King Avenue.

Neighbor Nathan Lee saw the tree fall.

We heard a loud crash, and we thought 'Wow was that thunder?' Lee said. All of a sudden we look outside and the driveway's blocked and there's some flattened cars.

Jane Heaton had her car utterly destroyed.

I actually thought it was a trick of the eye. I could only see half of my car and so I did a double take and low and behold it's completely smashed, Heaton said. Everybody's been walking by taking pictures. Someone from Iowa drove up and took a picture with a thumbs up.

In other parts of town, power outages were the problem.

One woman in a Southeast Portland apartment building was trapped in an elevator for about 30 minutes.

Your pics: Crazy weekend weather

Heavy rain and hail throughout Sunday also made for nasty driving conditions on major highways. Several people were injured and one man was killed in a crash on Highway 20 near Santiam Summit, which investigators blamed on the wet roadway.

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