PORTLAND A father his 5-year-old son were rescued Monday after getting lost in a park along the Sandy River.

The rescue marked the first successful deployment of the Multnomah County Sheriff s Office unit called the Green Hornet Wilderness Law Enforcement Services and Trail Rescue Team.

The team of specially outfitted outdoor officers specializes in locating lost hikers.

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At about 4:50 p.m. Monday, the county received a call from a father who was lost on a bluff at the Lewis and Clark State Park along the Sandy River.

Elmando Broussard said he and his son got turned around during a hike and spent about two hours trying to find their way out before calling for help.

We were just in a position where we were totally lost, Broussard said. So the first thing I did was say, 'son, pray to Jesus. We need help. We are lost.'

The Hornets were able to locate the dad using cell phone GPS then quickly buzzed up the trail to find him.

On our way to the GPS coordinates that we had, we found them, said Capt. Monte Riser of the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office. We found them in about an hour and a half. We found them before dark and I think we have two very happy people here.

No injuries were reported.

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