PORTLAND -- She's the talk of her school and the entire city. After a speech from Hillary Clinton, a 6-year-old Portland girl asked a question that had everyone in Keller Auditorium on the edge of their seats.

The moderator read from a card during a question-and-answer period. The final question: This is from Zola Demarco, she is 6 years old and she addresses this to H.R. Clinton and she says, 'In 2016, would you prefer to be called Madame President or Mrs. President?'

Watching the footage on an iPad in her kindergarten class Wednesday morning, Zola got a first look at what all the fuss is about. She likes pink and doing art projects, but this little girl also has big plans. She's already been to the last two presidential inaugurations. And her family is hoping she'll see Hillary Clinton during their third.

It's been a discussion in our family and something we are very excited about, to think if she could be our first female president, said Zola's mother Luanne Demarco.

So why does Zola want to see a female president? Because all boys were just presidents, she said with a smile. She said she would prefer Clinton go by Mrs. President if she wins the election in 2016.

Clinton got a good chuckle at the question Zola's dad submitted in her name before the speech.

As for the answer, all little Zola got was a smile and shrug as Clinton made her way off stage.

We're still waiting, Hillary, Luanne Demarco said with a laugh.

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