BORING, Ore. -- Clackamas County is trying to get a handle on summer activities on the Clackamas River, particularly the stretch between parks in Barton and Carver.

Last August, county commissioners passed an ordinance that allowed sheriff's deputies to check peoples' coolers and bags for alcohol.

Now the county has developed a bigger plan.

We're really trying to look at it from improving the river health, improving river safety as well as a positive experience for those using the park, said Clackamas County parks manager Rick Gruen.

Gruen said the plan will include a life jacket loaner program, litter and waste management, and a shuttle bus between Barton Park and Carver Park. There will also be more sheriff's deputies patrolling the county's parks.

The program will cost about $190,000. County commissioners said they'll put in $40,000 and the rest of the money will come from the parks department and other county departments.

This will be a work in progress. Our action plan is a three- to five-year program, Gruen added.

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