BEAVERTON, Ore. -- They meet most mornings at 9:30 am at the Tualatin Hills Recreation Center in Beaverton.

I love this, says Michelle Simantel, a mother and Baby Boot Camper. I m so thankful I found baby boot camp. It s really, really fun, for me and for the kids.

Yes, they re a team and although it s fun, it s a challenge, designed to help mom s get fit, with their kids.

It s a really good work out, says Simantel, adding that s a question I get sometimes from people. Baby Boot Camp, you re just like singing to the kids? No, it s tough.

Amelia Murray is an instructor and agrees with Michelle.

It s a boot camp workout, says Murray. So lots of cardio, lots of strength training, lots of running, it s great. It s a pretty intense workout, but there are options for moms that are just getting into it. It s also challenging for the mom s that are really fit and pretty strong.

Kylan Pimley s the franchise owner of Baby Boot Camp and lead Instructor.

It s the best job I ve ever had, says Pimley, laughing. It s not even a job.

Kylan says normally they have 15 to 20 moms in class, however it s more this time of year.

Busy season is right now, says Pimley. Everyone wants to get ready for summer and we re in the middle of a fitness challenge. We ve got about 20 to 25 moms in class.

There is exercise and camaraderie. Many of the members are adjusting to a new life as mothers, including Jennifer Demetre.

You get to ask a lot of questions with the moms, says Demetre. Everyone s very understanding with what you re going through with parenting, so it actually makes it a lot easier.

And the kids are along for the ride.

When they re in the strollers for the workout most of them are good, says Simantel. There s a few who have a harder time, but we try to move them around a bunch, which helps. They know they get to get out and play in the end.

Pimley says Baby Boot Camp is $65 per month, but the first lesson is free.

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