SEASIDE, Ore. -- There's no chance of a tsunami hitting the Oregon coast as a result of the huge quake that hit off the coast of Chile, but some residents in Seaside aren't taking any chances.

People who live there understand how susceptible the region is to tsunami damage, and how quickly they need to react.

Tyler Moore told KGW he heard the news and loaded up his tsunami kit right away with food, water and camping gear.

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I just threw this in the truck, just in case, so if sirens go off, I'm ready to go, he said. My parents and my kids and I all set an evacuation plan so we all know where to meet up and where to go.

It doesn't take much to cover Seaside if a tsunami hits, he added.

If the alarms were to sound, chances are most people in Seaside would know how to react immediately. The city tests its alarm system every week and holds frequent evacuation drills.

Residents in Hawaii can expect dangerous ocean currents and weird tides, officials said Wednesday. But the National Weather Service has not issued a Tsunami Warning for the Oregon coast.

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