GRESHAM, Ore. A Gresham couple is breathing a sigh of relief after a woman found their missing dog posted while surfing through Craigslist ads.The people who posted the ad were arrested.

Aries is a four-month-old Blue Nose Pitbull puppy who took off out of an open garage door on March 4.

Theresa Driehorst and her husband posted fliers, scoured the neighborhood and posted a lost dog notice online.

I was in tears, Driehorst said. I was heartbroken. We thought we lost him. I cried myself to sleep checking Craigslist, checking emails, hoping that somebody would contact us back.

Then one night her phone buzzed.

I open it up and there's this text, Driehorst said.

Stacey Curry had been up late one night checking Craigslist, she had already seen a picture of Aries in a lost puppy post, when she came across a dog for sale.

I came across an ad that said Pitbull puppy for sale that looked crazy similar to this one, Curry said. I sent her (Driehorst) a text that said You need to check this out, it could be your puppy.

Theresa Driehorst was skeptical at first.

Oh my gosh, I just about had a panic attack, Driehorst said.

Theresa and a friend arranged to meet the sellers in a nearby parking lot and brought along some helpers, the Gresham Police.

Police arrested 23-year-old Matthew Templeton and 33-year-old Michelle Duckworth on a felony theft charge.

Now Aries is back home with his family and Curry couldn t be happier.

I'm so stoked, Curry said. They're such great people and oh my jeez they just love their dog so much.

Driehorst said she feels more gratitude than words can express.

She's our angel, said Driehorst. She's Aries' angel.


Dave Northfield contributed to this report

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