SEATTLE -- A Texas woman whose family members were in the area of the deadly landslide in Washington state said Monday she had lost hope that they can be found alive in the rubble.

Aircraft, dogs and heavy equipment were being used Monday as the search continued for victims of the slide, which sent a mile-wide layer of soft earth crashing into a cluster of homes north of Seattle on Saturday.

Eight people were known dead and 108 were still unaccounted for. Authorities said the number of missing will decline as people are found safe.

Background: 8 dead, reports of 108 missing in Wash. slide

Nichole Webb Rivera said she frantically called and texted her parents, her daughter and her daughter's fiance when the massive hillside collapsed Saturday morning.

Rivera said her parents, Thom and Marcy Satterlee, lived in the center of the slide, and she didn't think they made it out. She said her 20-year-old daughter, Delaney Webb, and Webb's fiance were visiting the older couple at the time.

Rivera lives in Houston but traveled to Washington after the slide. She said Monday after visiting the area: We've lost four.

Rescue crews on the ground have faced dangerous and unpredictable conditions as they navigated quicksand-like mud and debris that was 15 feet deep in some places. Some who went in got caught up to their armpits in the thick, sticky sludge.

The threat of potential flash floods or another landslide also loomed over rescuers. On Monday, some crews had to pull back because of concern that a hillside could shift.

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