PORTLAND Neighbors are complaining about a home in Southeast Portland that s turned into a squatter haven.

The home on Southeast 87th and Southeast Powell Boulevard is covered in piles and piles of trash. To call it an eyesore would be to give eyesores a bad name.

Sarah Swayze lives in the area. She said someone was actually working on the empty house last summer but the work stopped and the squatters moved in.

Then they built the fence and now there have been people going back there, hauling trash back there. There s been suspected drug activity people camping, screaming and yelling, fighting. We ve had our car broken into, Swayze said.

We briefly met one of the men apparently living there. He was not pleased that KGW was taking pictures.

Swayze said she and others have called police several times, but they can t seem to do anything to clear out the squatters, and clean up the neighborhood.

We find needles in the ground. I m out here in my garden and I find a syringe and its scary you know? It s not like it was when I was a kid, she said.

The owners of the vacant home said they have a permit to tear the place down and may start as early as Tuesday. It can t come soon enough for the neighbors.


KGW reporter Pat Dooris contributed to this report.

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