PORTLAND -- A man was partially crushed by a garbage truck Friday morning after he fell asleep in a dumpster.

Liam O'Grady, 27, like climbed into the dumpster near 3000 SE 21st Street Thursday night and fell asleep, police said.

Witnesses said a garbage truck driver picked up the dumpster Friday morning outside of the People s Co-Op and emptied it into his truck.

Firefigthers said the dumpster was full of cardboard.

Rescuers said the driver compacted the load several times until he heard the victim screaming. He then slammed on the brakes about a half-block down the street.

The driver notified workers at People's Co-op who called 911.

Hi, I m at People s Food Co-op and we need police here. I m not ... I think it s the garbage man who has a body in his container, said a caller to the 911 dispatcher.

So you've got a garbage man on the scene right there? asked the dispatcher.

(911 call below)

Yes and he just ran in the door and said there's a body in his recycling, or in his garbage container, the woman stated.

Shane Furrer of the Portland Fire Bureau believes quick action by the driver made a difference.

I know that they re trained to look and listen for things like that, Furrer said. I think the driver ultimately saved his life by not continuing to crush his load.

Rescuers say the man was sandwiched between several layers of cardboard, which they peeled away before reaching him.

The man suffered crushing injuries to his head and chest. He remained in serious condition at Oregon Health & Science University Hospital.

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