Winter Olympics Rules of the Game: Moguls

The Winter Olympics freestyle moguls event is relatively new - it was a demonstration sport in the 1988 games and was officially added as an Olympic sport in 1992.

Here's how the competition works:

  • Competitors compete one at a time using short skis and poles

  • Head and chest should face the finish line at all times while their hips and legs turn

  • Skiers wear colored knee patches to help the judges score

  • Time, turns, style and air determine the winner

The setup of the course has some specific rules as well.

  • An Olympic moguls course is usually about 250 meters or almost the length of three football fields

  • Skiers are traveling 15 to 20 feet per second

  • The moguls course is separated by 2 jumps or kickers roughly 2-feet high

  • Competitors perform tricks to accumulate more points

Seven judges will decide the winner of the event. Two judges watch the height of the air which represents 25 percent of the score. The other five judges evaluate the turns representing half of the total score. Points are also awarded for speed.

The United States has won 9 of the 36 Olympic medals given in the sport of Freestyle Mogul skiing

And those are the 'Rules of the Game.'

Source: USA Today Sports Media Group

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