Winter Olympics Rules of the Game: Figure Skating

Figure Skating has been an Olympic Sport and crowd favorite for 106 years

In Sochi, the events include Men's Singles, Ladies Singles, Pairs, Ice Dance and a new Mixed team event which includes Men's singles, Ladies Singles, Pairs and Ice Dance. The country with the combined highest score of those four disciplines wins.

In the singles competition, there is a short and long program the short program is no longer than 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

The long program is 4 minutes for the women and 4 and 1/2 for the men.

Both programs have required elements. In the short program, there are seven:

  • Axel jump
  • Solo jump
  • Jump combination
  • Flying spin
  • Spin combination
  • Another spin
  • Step sequence

There are also seven in the long program including Jumps, Spins, Step Sequence and a Choreograph sequence.

Perhaps the most anticipated technical skill of these games is the quadruple jump or quad.

You will see it in the men's competition and it involves four rotations in the air.

Max Aaron of the U.S. Figure skating team demonstrates what you and the judges will be looking for when the skaters attempt the quadruple jump.

The lighter and shorter skaters do have a slight advantage doing the quad over the heavier and taller competitors because they have a lower center of gravity.

In the end, for the men, the gold medal will likely come down to who executes the cleanest and most quadruple jumps.

And those are your rules of the game.

Source: USATODAY Sports

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