BEAVERTON -- For anyone standing in the grocery line, the need for speed is a top priority. It's also a priority for retailers.

Digimarc in Beaverton is the leader in creating digital identities using watermark technology that's embedded in printed material.

The newest use for it will eventually get you through the checkout line faster.

The traditional barcode has to be placed a certain way for the scanner to see it. With Digimarc's invisible watermark, the barcode information is distributed all over the surface of the packaging. It means the checker doesn't have to worry about where the barcode is -- just swipe.

The new technology was demonstrated at the National Federation Retail Expo in New York City this month.

A team from Digimarc was able to beat the old Guinness World Record of 75 seconds bagging 50 items.

Annie Nguyen, a Guinness World Record adjudicator, presented Digimarc the winning announcement.

Ed Knudson and Sean Calhoon was able to break the record 51 seconds. Congratulations, Nguyen announced.

It wasn't a human achievement, it was technology achievement, noted Ed Knudson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Digimarc. This technology is a game changer for the retailer industry.

The industry average is just 24 items per minute when scanning traditional UPC Codes. The company says with this technology a checker can easily scan 36 items a minute.

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