CORVALLIS, Ore. The stepfather of an Oregon State University student was accused of cyberbullying his stepdaughter for months in an attempt to stop her from drinking and associating with a male friend.

As first reported in the Corvallis Gazette-Times, Corvallis police arrested 51-year-old Bryan Duane Tilley of Keizer Friday. He was accused of creating an email account with someone else s name and cyberbullying his 22-year-old stepdaughter.

The victim's mother told KGW she's been married to Tilley for 15 years and he helped raise her kids. Although they're still married, she said she now considers him to be her ex-husband.

The whole family is very upset by this, she said.

Through investigations, police found that Tilley allegedly hacked his stepdaughter s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts by guessing her passwords.

He is also accused of taking photos from his stepdaughter s computer and threatened to post them to her social media accounts if she didn t stop drinking and spending time with a certain friend.

On Nov. 4, Tilley allegedly posted photos to her Instagram account because she didn t do what he asked. He also posted that it wasn t an accident her roommate s tire had been punctured, and that her tire would be next if she didn t change her behavior. according to court documents.

In addition, Tilley was accused of breaking into his stepdaughter s apartment and pouring out a bottle of liquor.

An affidavit alleges that Tilley told police during the investigation that he was also the victim of a computer hacker, which he later admitted was not true.

He was arrested on charges including felony coercion, computer crime, identity theft and burglary. He was released Sunday on bail.

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