LONGVIEW, Wash. Detectives are using the latest in facial reconstruction technology, along with DNA to try and name the only unidentified person buried in Cowlitz County.

The body is that of a woman who died in a semi-truck fire in May of 1991. She was a passenger in the semi when it crashed and burst into flames on Interstate 5 near Kalama. Both the male driver and the woman were killed.

The fire destroyed any identification the woman may have been carrying and the driver s family did not know who she was, either.

Her body was recently exhumed from the Longview Memorial Park and Cemetery because detectives think technology can help them identify her now. They will create an image of what she likely looked like 23 years ago and see if it matches any missing person reports.

Once the facial reconstruction is complete, we hope to get that picture and information out to as many people as we can, said detective Sergeant Moate. Although this was not a criminal case, we were determined to identify this young lady and do everything we could to get her home.

We are hoping this is the final step toward that goal, Moate said.

The woman's DNA will also be entered into databases in hopes of finding a match or a relative.

After that, her remains will be kept at the Cowlitz County Coroner s Office until her family is found.

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