ALOHA, Ore. A man with a long rap sheet was captured after a car crash and police chase in Washington County Wednesday.

A deputy responding to reports of an armed man trying to extort money from people spotted a person who matched the description sleeping in a car and called for backup, according to Sgt. Bob Ray with the Washington County Sheriff s Office.

The deputy also ran the license plates of the car and learned that it was stolen.

The front door was open and the deputy thought the driver might be passed out, Ray said. The deputy approached the vehicle but noticed a shotgun wedged between the seats and door frame at that point he backed up to his car and called for backup.

The driver woke up, saw the deputy and took off.

There was a brief chase for two blocks before the Toyota crashed and the driver took off on foot, Ray said.

Deputies captured suspect Zachery Mayes, 32, after a brief chase in Aloha. Investigators said they also found three stolen shotguns and a stolen bicycle, valued around $1,500, inside the stolen car.

Mayes is no stranger to local police. He has been arrested 26 times for various crimes just since 2001 in Washington County, ranging from assault to car theft and felony possession of a weapon.

The car he had been driving was a 2013 Toyota Camry that had been stolen out of Washington County, Ray said.

Mayes, described as a transient, is currently being held in the Washington County Jail on $100,000 bail.

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