ALOHA, Ore -- An Aloha man said Friday that he was a victim of Target s massive customers data breach.

Wikander said he purchased a DVD for $14.99 at Target in November and now he s out $1,300.

When Wikander looked at his US Bank statement this December he found charges for a flight out of the West African country of Gambia.

On Dec. 19 Target announced that it has suffered a breach of its customer data that could impact 40 million accounts and Carroll Wikander believes said he s one of them.

Background: Target data breach could impact 40 million customers

Experts said his account information was most likely stolen, sold on the Black Market and used to buy the flight.

Wikander went in to a Target store to discuss the charges. He says they confirmed his account information had been compromised, but he says they told him they couldn t do anything about it in person, and gave him their fraud phone number to call. Wikander says when he called the number, he got no answer.

I talked to three different people from Target, [and they were] no help at all, Wikander said.

Wikander claims Target did not do enough to protect its customer's credit and debit card information.

He's filled out a fraud alert report with US Bank and hopes he will eventually get his money back. But for now, the retiree living on a fixed income is out $1300.

On Friday, a Portland woman, Lisa Purcell, filed a class-action suit against Target which could exceed $5 million. Wikander may become a plaintiff in that case.

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A representative from Target said Monday that the company will be offering free credit monitoring to affected customers in the next couple weeks.

Consumers are protected under federal law against fraudulent charges, but debit and credit cards are treated differently under consumer protection laws. Personal liability for fraudulent charges on a credit card is limited to $50 the liability limit on debit cards can be $500 or more, depending on how quickly the fraud is reported.

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