PORTLAND -- Frigid temperatures in the Portland metro area have created a life or death situation for people living on the streets.

Last week a man died overnight on Portland s east side during the cold snap that continues to bring more sub-freezing weather to the region.

Volunteers from several groups were out over the weekend, including those from JOIN. They brought blankets to anyone who needed one, and also made sure everyone knows of a place to come inside to spend the night.

While some moved inside, others were still outside, making it important to get them what they need to keep warm enough to make it through to morning.

This is a safety issue. People are out living on the streets all the time, but when the temperatures drop this cold, and they might already be in poor health, and there's nowhere to go, and they need supplies, so they can literally survive, said Ledena Mattox with JOIN.

The JOIN volunteers come out when the temperatures drop below 30 degrees and over the weekend Portland saw temperatures dip into the low teens.

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Portland police have been transporting people to shelters when they find someone who needs help.

It is important during this severe weather that people have shelter, said Chief Michael Reese We will do everything we can to provide assistance during this emergency to the most vulnerable people in our community.

Anyone seeking shelter can call 211 to find warming center resources, or go to

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