PORTLAND -- This year, more and more retailers are using iPhones and iPads to ring-up your purchases at their stores. The technology is supposed to make your shopping experience better and more convenient, but an Aloha man said it made his experience worse.

The purchase was never made, nothing was ever made but the money came right out of my account, said Dana Hartman.

He bought a refrigerator at Sears in the Washington Square mall. It was a couple days before Thanksgiving and it cost nearly $2,000.

He slid my card through his iPad thing, on the side, Hartman said.

Then the salesperson told him they're still having glitches because we just installed new software and the software is supposed to transmit from iPad or whatever to the actual register.

But Hartman could not get a receipt. He said he couldn t get anything. So after Black Friday was over, he went back to the store to check on his purchase. What he found, he said, surprised him.

I'm not in their system anywhere. The purchase was never made. Nothing was ever made but the money came right out of my account, he said.

You just don't want to leave the store without a receipt, said the Better Business Bureau s Katherine Kisiel.

She said getting proof of your purchase is vital. Like all machines, she said, glitches in software can happen, but don t ever pay for something and walk out of the store without proof.

If they are having problems, even if it comes down to them writing out the receipt, you need to have something with you before you leave the store, she said.

And that s exactly what Hartman got.

They gave me this hand-printed receipt , and there you can barely see an imprint of my credit card there, he said.

But what he did not get, and still has not received, is his refrigerator. So KGW's Unit 8 went to the Washington Square mall where Sears has one of the top appliance departments in the nation. We were told their system is working great, and if Hartman bought the refrigerator there is no question he will get it.

Amid all the confusion, Hartman said he s now been told his refrigerator was not in stock and a manager from Sears now tells him he can expect delivery on Dec. 16.

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