Hillsboro, Ore -- Evidently someone wanted a better deal than any Black Friday sale was offering. Five businesses in Hillsboro and Forest Grove had their glass doors smashed and cash stolen out of the registers, early Friday morning.

Alarms went off on E. Main St. in Hillsboro around 5 a.m. when a cell phone store and the Hillsboro Hobby Shop were broken into.

An hour later, motion alarms went off on Pacific Avenue in Forest Grove. Three businesses there, the Little Monkey Deli, Pac Thai Restaurant and the Brass Comb Salon were hit in the very same way. Nothing else was touched, only the registers. The glass doors alone are hundreds of dollars to replace, and on a big holiday weekend, it hurts.

That's when less people are around and you can get away with it I guess, said Terry Lee, whose wife works at the Brass Comb. People don't have anything and want everything for free.

The suspect was caught on surveillance video both in Forest Grove and Hillsboro. Police are comparing the videos and said the suspect looks very similar in all cases.

I feel sorry that he's gotta go to such extreme lengths for such little money and so much damage to everybody else, said Greg Carlson, owner of the Hillsboro Hobby Shop.

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