PORTLAND -- Hebrew purists may bicker but it seems just about everybody else is enjoying a calendar oddity. For the first time, almost, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving are falling on the same day.

Some people are calling it Thanksgivukkah.

If we are counting only modern Thanksgivings, when we started celebrating the fourth Thursday of the month, then this is the first Thanksgivukkah, and in all likelihood, our last.

In America we have Brangelina, the spork, that thing where peanut butter and jelly are in the same, and now we have a combinable holiday.

Maybe once in a lifetime, according to some, once in a millennium, said Rabbi Motti Wilhelm with Chabad of Oregon.

And what do you do on Thankgivukkah? In Portland and Vancouver you can build a new tradition like the cannorah, a can combined with a menorah. In both cities tonight, hundreds of can goods will go to local food banks.

The truth is both holidays are similar in giving thanks to god, said Rabbi Shmulik Greenberg with Chabad Jewish Center.

For Carol Freedman it s triple thanks. Her family is also celebrating a birthday, which now makes tomorrow Thanksbirthdikah.

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