PORTLAND -- At Fred Meyer's central bakery in Clackamas, hundreds of thousands of loaves, rolls, muffins and bagels are baked every day to prepare for the holiday season.

It s a bakery that runs with precision. It has to in order to fill the shelves of more than 500 Fred Meyer stores, QFCs and other Kroger stores in five states.

It takes 108 bakers and a support staff to keep the facility rolling, kneading, slicing and turning out hundreds of different type of baked goods.

The bread line alone produces 30 different varieties, including the famous Fred Meyer Tender Twist. Most of the ingredients are sourced locally.

All this production is just the beginning of what will be a month-long push to get the job done.

It takes team work first of all and then after that long hours, dedication and it takes everyone to do it safely, said David Morales, bun foreman for Fred Meyer Bakery.

On an average day, 60,000 of flour, 1,000 of yeast and 5,000 pounds of sugar will be blended, rolled and twisted.

Two shifts are working longer hours around the holidays to keep up with demand.

All along the process, every product can be traced back to when it was produced, at what time and from what bin of flour. Nothing is left to chance.

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