PORTLAND -- A Portland doctor is giving patients a reminder about five health problems they shouldn t ignore.

We like to look at associations, and studies show some conditions can indicate there s a likelihood you might develop another condition, explained Providence primary care provider Dr. Julie Radloff.

For example, she says, psoriasis has been linked to heart attacks.

Psoriasis is actually an inflammatory skin condition and the idea is that the inflammation may be the reason you re at a higher risk for a heart attack, she explained.

Other connections include high blood pressure and diabetes, endometriosis and melanoma, and migraines can be an indicator you re at risk for a heart attack.

Migraines, and in particular strokes, affect the brain, and so the thinking is with both conditions, brain chemistry is involved, said Dr. Radloff.

The fifth connection on her list is asthma and anxiety.

If you have frequent trouble breathing, that can cause a lot of anxiety and can lead to mood problems, she said.

Her advice is that people with one of the conditions listed above should ask their doctors about being screened for the other.

For example, patients with endometriosis should see a dermatologist for signs of melanoma, she said.

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