KELSO, Wash. -- Foster Farms has issued advertisements in newspapers across the West, addressing the Salmonella outbreak tied to its chicken after more than 360 cases were confirmed in 21 states across the country.

Health officials have connected 362 cases of Salmonella to contaminated Foster Farms chicken, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

Nine of those cases were in Oregon, said Jonathan Modie, spokesman for the Oregon Health Authority. Half of the Oregon cases resulted in hospitalization.

Background: Foster Farms Salmonella outbreak hits Oregon

The CDC issued a health alert for contaminated chicken after the outbreak.

More than 23,000 Foster Farms rotisserie chickens from a San Francisco Costco store have been recalled. Fred Meyer and QFC also said they pulled the impacted food from their shelves.

The Los Angeles Times reported the company suffered a 25 percent drop in sales since the outbreak was announced.

In a full-page ad placed in newspapers, President and CEO Ron Foster addressed the outbreaks.

Our methods of controlling Salmonella are five times better than the industry average, Foster writes in the ad. Still, after the outbreaks, he said. We are placing tougher demands on the breeders of our hens and improving our ranch biosecurity measures.

My grandparents began Foster Farms with a simple idea: produce the highest-quality and safest locally grown chicken, he said. Today, that s more important than ever.

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The CDC said consumers can help prevent infections by cleaning their hands and dishes after preparing raw meat, not washing raw poultry before cooking it, cooking poultry to at least 165 degrees and chilliing leftovers within 2 hours.

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