OREGON CITY, Ore -- Clackamas County commissioners are concerned about plans for tolls on the Columbia River Crossing and threatening to withdraw support for the project.

Commissioners sent a letter to Governor John Kitzhaber Wednesday expressing concern that if the CRC project includes tolls it would drastically increase traffic on Interstate 205, especially in Clackamas County.

In a 2008 letter to the CRC Task Force, commissioners said that they supported tolling both Interstate 5 and I-205. A recent suggestion that tolling I-205 be put to the county for a vote failed.

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Commissioners now worry that drivers looking to avoid tolls on I-5 will overwhelm I- 205 traffic.

The commissioners cited an investment grade analysis that predicted that the I-205 system could fail as soon as 2022.

The county has plans to widen I-205 south of Oregon Highway 213. Commissioners said they did not want to see that project and the new Sunrise Highway, now under construction, become obsolete before their time.

Background: Legislature considers new session for CRC

Clackamas County is not in the immediate impact area of the CRC project, but they urged the Governor to see both I-205 and I-5 as an integrated system.

The commissioners said they wanted new traffic projection data from the Oregon Department of Transportation released to them by Nov. 11. If not, they said the county would likely oppose the CRC as currently proposed.

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