PORTLAND -- A nationwide social media campaign going around to truckers Friday suggested they should strike over the weekend.

The strike would essentially shut down the freight system in America to send a message to politicians.

The same movement asks independent drivers, if available, to drive to Washington, D.C. and clog up the roads to get noticed.

It's called the Ride for the Constitution and in an email to the media, organizers say they want to penalize Congress and the White House with a credible threat of a commerce shutdown.

Drivers at Jubitz Truck Stop in North Portland said they support the idea, but acknowledge it would be hard to pull off.

Maybe if they get enough drivers to get involved it could work, said Tom Stewart, a trucker from Portland. You've got to get the big companies involved: the Martin Transports, the Swifts. If you have a small minority of trucks shut down, you won't pull it off.

With the government shutdown, it's crazy, Stewart added. We gotta get things rolling again. It doesn't matter what party line you're on, we gotta get this done.

I'm for it and would hope it would get the freight prices up, but I don't see it happening, said trucker Allen Isaac.

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