SAN ANTONIO, Tex. Thanksgiving may still be more than a month away, but prices are starting to climb for anyone who wants to fly to grandma s house.

Experts at Travelocity said they expect the cost to jump seven percent over last year s prices.

Thanksgiving is generally the most traveled time of the year as millions of people try to catch a flight during a very small travel window. Given the demand and limited supply, prices can soar.

The lowest average cost of a round trip ticket is currently $415, according to Travelocity.

Anyone wanting to saved a few bucks can fly on Thanksgiving day, but will risk the chance of missing the holiday meal if delays pop up.

It's a matter of maybe, value versus what is the least expensive, said Paula Hobble with Focus on Travel. If you really want to go and see people over the holiday or go to a vacation spot and spend as much time as you can, you get a lot more choices if you book out further.

Hobble also warned that prices will peak for flights around Christmastime as well.

She added that anyone planning to visit a resort during the holidays will have a hard time booking anything this late in the year, especially in Hawaii. The islands are one of the most popular vacation spots during November and December.

There is one unique way to save some money: Southwest Airlines has just rolled out a fare sale that prices tickets based on the distance of each flight. Some run as low as $98, but anyone wanting to take advantage of the deals must book their trip by 11:59 p.m. Thursday.

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