VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver woman was told to hide in her closet by two men who broke in and robbed her home Thursday morning, police said.

The 80-year-old woman also told police she received a phone call the day before, from someone pretending to represent an alarm company and asking if she had an alarm system installed, according to spokeswoman Kim Kapp of the Vancouver Police Department.

The woman told police she heard somebody ringing the doorbell at her Montana Lane home several times early Thursday morning, and when she went to answer the door she saw that someone had broken in, Kapp said.

They instructed her to go into a closet and be quiet and they would not hurt her, Kapp said. The victim waited until she heard them leave and called 911. She was not injured.

Police said stranger-to-stranger home invasions are rare, but nearby residents were unsettled by the crime.

It's really scary because we all live around here. It could have happened to anybody, said neighbor Diana Fronsdahl. I have a child and I heard the guys weren't caught, so you never know.

Anyone who received a similar call was asked to call Vancouver police at (360) 487-7399 and provide any information available, including the phone number of the caller. No other similar robberies have been reported.


KGWReporter Mark Hanrahan contributed to this report.

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