TIGARD An elderly man peed on a 14-year-old boy in a movie theater in Tigard, causing a disturbance that erupted into mass confusion at Bridgeport Village Friday, police said.

Just after 6 p.m., police heard reports of a disturbance with a gun inside the Regal Cinemas, which turned out to be false, said Jim Wolf with Tigard police.

Some businesses at Bridgeport Village went into lockdown mode during the incident, but other stores noticed the police activity and didn't shut down.

After interviewing people from the theater, police learned a man in one of the theaters urinated on the teen nearby. An altercation then broke out between the teen s father and the man, Wolf said.

Someone seated nearby who didn t know what was happening then shouted gun causing panic in the theater as people began to flee.

No weapon was determined to be involved.

The elderly man was escorted from the area and police said alcohol may have contributed his actions. No one was arrested.

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