OREGON CITY, Ore. -- Gun control supporters delivered backpacks full of petitions to the Oregon City office of Rep. Kurt Schrader Wednesday.

They urged him to support legislation called the King-Thompson bill, which is stalled in Congress. It would expand background checks for gun sales.

The group targeted Schrader because he got support from the NRA during his re-election campaign and has not signed on the bill as a co-sponsor. But a spokesman said Schrader would vote for the bill if it reached the House in its current form.

One of the speakers urging action Wednesday was Jenna Passalacqua. Her mother, Cindy Yuille was shot and killed in the Clackamas Town Center last year.

She served on the PTA and she acted as neighborhood mom to my brother Hunter and his friends. Like other kids across the country, he goes back to school this week. Today was his first day in fact. But this year, my mom won t be there to see him off in the morning or help him with his homework when he gets home, she said.

But gun supportersargue expanded background checks would do little to stop violence.

Tim Greve works as operations manager and spokesman for the NW Armory in Milwaukie, Oregon. He points out that the gunman in the Town Center shooting stole his weapon. He said the Sandy Hook school killer also took his mother s guns.

Bad guys generally aren t going to gun shows to get guns. They're not surfing the internet for them. They're going to their buddy down the street that already knows they're a bad guy and probably didn t come upon that gun in a lawful way in the first place, he said.

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