HILLSBORO, Ore. Barley, the mascot for the Hillsboro Hops, helped police with a pedestrian safety exercise Thursday, getting drivers ready for the upcoming school year.

Barley got a lot of attention while crossing the street at Northeast 3rd Avenue and Northeast Lincoln Street.

The high-traffic area has a well-marked crosswalk, but police wanted to make sure drivers obeyed the law and stopped for people crossing the road.

You're going to see in the next two weeks, a lot more peds, a lot more kids, bikes, buses and all things that go along with those, said Lt. Mike Rouches with Hillsboro police.

Police officers on motorcycles were watching how drivers react. Not surprisingly, everybody stopped for Barley, but that wasn t the same for a woman dressed in plain clothes serving as the other decoy. Everyone that didn t stop for her was pulled over.

Police pulled over 34 people, issuing 19 citations and giving 15 warnings.

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