PORTLAND Shared work spaces for entrepreneurs and creative workers are popping up across the U.S. In Portland, ADX is creating a place for people to join forces and make their ideas come to life.

At least that s what owner Kelly Roy hopes. She opened ADX two years ago on Southeast 11th Street as a 1200-square-foot workshop where people could work on projects. Roy says hundreds of people have already used the space and made money from their creations.

When you put yourself in this environment, there are a lot of people around you that have done things before, Roy said. You can go further, faster with your process of bringing your passion to life.

The workshop has everything designers need, including tools, space and help.

ADX has 150 members of all ages and backgrounds. They build everything from electric bikes to artistic sculptures. Roy says members call it a gym for your creative side.

Jen Wantland and her husband Bryan Scott quit their jobs last year to follow their dreams. They joined ADX and work there nearly every day.

We just moved back to Portland in May and this is like one of our first stops that we made, said Wantland as she worked on a trailer for the couple's Mini Cooper. We are going to use it to tailgate at Oregon Duck football games.

Many members hope their ideas will become a viable business someday.

It worked for Greg Simons. He has been a member at ADX for two years and he says it s allowed him to open a business making furniture.

In here, there are other people pushing the envelope, making you better at what you do, said Simons. I'm growing, I'm learning.

A group of high-school students are also learning. Their project is to build a boat in ten weeks using a computer model.

Peter Crim, founder of the Wind & Oar Boat School, teaches the students. He says it helps that the computer model comes to life. But Crim says it's more than that just technology.

It's also the soft skills, the environment, the collaboration and teamwork, all the stuff that really goes into forming a successful team building group, said Crim.

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