SALEM -- Crews with the Oregon Department of Forestry spent the night in Polk County trying to keep a fast-moving wildfire from burning down nearby homes.

The fire sparked Friday outside Dallas and closed Highway 22 near Salem for a number of hours Friday afternoon.

Investigators said a person using a mower to cut brush near a vineyard accidentally started the fire, which spread quickly thanks to the wind.

We're in the coast range so we had winds swirling all directions, so we had active movement toward about a dozen homes, said deputy chief Eriks Gabliks with the Dallas Fire Department.

By the time the fire reached a hundred acres, about a hundred firefighters were here trying to get it under control.

Mary-Ann Jager saw the smoke and thought the worst.

My first concern was obviously the house, but I'm just thankful and praising God that the house is fine and the property's fine, she said.

Crews were able to eventually get things under control before anyone needed to be evacuated

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