PORTLAND A homeless man was arrested in downtown Portland after threatening to kill a federal officer, police said.

Mark Allison, 20, was among the members of a migrating homeless camp that had moved from city hall to the Terry Schrunk Plaza. When federal police moved in Tuesday to remove a bike that was chained to a tree in the park, a confrontation began between campers and officers.

Police said while some of the campers were being arrested, Allison threatened to kill one of the officers.

Court documents show that Allison made similar threats during a confrontation with the same officer just last month. But that time Allison allegedly threw an explosive at the officer.

He then resisted arrest and was tasered, according to the affidavit.

Allison denied threatening the officer Tuesday. He said he only told the officer he wanted to talk to him when he was off-duty.

Allison was released from custody, but he was banned from Schrunk Plaza. If he is convicted of the charges against him he could spend a year in jail.

The General Services Administration will begin enforcing the 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. park hours. Campers said they've been sleeping on the sidewalks during those hours and camping in the park during the daytime.

The GSAalso said it plans to close the park complete next week, for scheduled maintenance.

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