A JBLM soldier came home to Lakewood, Wash. from Afghanistan to find that the person who was caring for his beloved pet had given the pup away.

Brandon Harker says when he deployed in November of 2012 he asked a friend to care for his 2-year-old dog Oakley.

When he got home earlier this month, he was told that Oakley had been given away, but via social media he learned that people had seen Oakley for sale on Craigslist.

The story of Oakley has been on media across the U.S., but Harker says there is still no sign of Oakley.

For as many places I ve posted I m surprised I haven t heard anything yet, he said.

Oakley is micro-chipped and registered.

Harker says the dog has some identifying characteristics.

A big one would be his unique coat - he s a full bred lab yet his coat has spots on it all over his body from his face down to his tail. It s pretty rare for a lab to have spots.

Harker says he has no idea why his friend gave away his dog.

I wish I knew, he said.

If you have information, contact Harker via the Help Find Oakley Facebook page.

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