JEFFERSON, Ore -- Robert Hurley has been building homes for four decades. The one he is currently building in Jeffersonis perhaps his proudest work. It will be home to him and his wife.

Excited in a way, said Robert. It's a lot of work.

Robert has been working for weeks, but last weekend someone came by and swiped about $500 worth of lumber and nails.

I work for what I get and they should work for what they get and not steal, said Robert.

The loss may not seem like a lot, but it was a crushing blow to Robert and his wife.

Every dollar I save on this house is less money I have to borrow which keeps the mortgage payment down which my wife can afford when I'm not here anymore, said Robert.

The disabled veteran is dying of prostate cancer. Doctors diagnosed him in 2011. More bad news followed. Just a few days before Christmas of that year a fire destroyed the family home in Albany.

What do you do? Reita Hurley asked. You have to pick up the pieces and persevere and go on.

Mustering whatever strength he could, Robert started building his and his wife's dream home. The work was interrupted by some crooks with bad intentions.

What goes around comes around as the builder said, added Robert.

Robert is not letting this theft get him down. He is choosing to focus on the love of his life and the home he hopes to share with her.

It'll be a beautiful home when it's done.

Robert hopes to finish the home in September. He and his wife lookforward to dinners with his five children and nine grandchildren.

If you have any information about the theft you are urged to call the Marion County Sheriff's Office.

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