PORTLAND -- The Oregon Humane Society benefited from a huge estate sale last weekend.

Hundreds of luxury items were donated by Dr. Victor Dolezal of Woodburn. He was an animal lover and after his death the humane society was notified that the house and all its contents had been left to raise money for shelter animals.

We found Liberace's vault, said Gary Germer, whose company organized the items for the sale.

The house was so small, just 1,100 square feet, so it was overwhelming. Things were stacked on top of each other, he said.

There was something for every budget, from a $47 rooster lamp to a $1,500 piano and a $14,000 diamond ring.

The items filled two 26-foot trucks and it took six people four days to clear the house.

None of it had been dusted since Reagan was President, joked Germer.

There are plenty of designer labels including Hermes, Chanel and Luis Vuitton. An extensive art collection includes religious, Asian and French paintings. The estate sale was expected to bring in $200,000 and the Woodburn house which held the items will also be sold.

This was such a generous donation, said David Lytle of the Oregon Humane Society.

Lytle said Dr. Dolezal did once visit OHS in the 90's and had pets buried at the humane society cemetery. He said Dolezal also mentioned including the humane society in his will, but OHS never expected such a tremendous gift.

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