METZGER, Ore. -- A father and son were arrested in Washington County for allegedly sexually assaulting children in their neighborhood.

Bryan Payne, 46, and his father Lynn Payne, 72, were running a babysitting business inside their Metzger home when they allegedly sexually abused two girls under the age of ten.

Investigators believe the abuse went on for years and there could be many more victims. They were already currently talking to a third potential victim.

Unfortunately we have reason to believe they were running a babysitting service out of the home and they had access to many more children, said Sgt. Bob Ray with the Washington County Sheriff s Office. We are very fearful there are other victims out there.

Both men pleaded not guilty to the charges. They remain behind bars with bail set at $50,000 each.

The Paynes' home is located along SWWashington Drive. Anger and surprise filled the neighborhood where some parents said they treated the Paynes like extended family. One neighbor, who didn t want his name used, told us his children considered the elder Payne to be like a second grandfather. He s worried now about the time his children spent in the home behind closed doors.

Another neighbor, Jason Levin, soon realized he knows one of the accusers a young girl who was often at the Payne s home. He said he invited the girl over to his backyard on numerous occasions to play with his children who are two and five years old.

Obviously my kids are very young but in a year or so I would have thought nothing about saying, sure, go and play in their yard, she plays in our yard. It s a good thing that it wasn t my kid because they wouldn t be in jail they would be in a morgue, Levin said.

The two suspects made their first court appearance on Monday.

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