ASTORIA, Ore. -- The Astoria woman who died in a crash last February that left her two young daughters injured and stranded had amphetamines and cannabis in her system, according to a report in the Daily Astorian citing police sources.

Jessica Rath, 26, was driving southbound on Highway 401 north of Astoria when the car she was driving ran off the road and hit a tree. Rath died at the scene. The two girls, Arianna Huff, 4, and Lylah Huff, 2, survived the collision but spent many hours alone in the cold. Investigators believe the 4-year-old pulled the 2-year-old from the car and kept her warm with a blanket.

Investigators said there were positive indications of THC and an amphetamine in Rath s system, but they did not know the level of intoxication or how the drugs may have factored into the crash, according to the Daily Astorian report. The newspaper also previously reported that Rath had been sentenced to 10 days in jail just one month prior to the accident for heroin possession and third-degree theft.

On the day of the crash, Rath was on her way to Westport, Wash., to meet her husband Keaton Huff as he came off a fishing boat. His destination changed and she started driving to Portland to meet him before the accident occurred.

Many hours later, a couple of fisherman driving by stopped to look at damage to a tree hit by Rath's car and found the girls.

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