PORTLAND -- School is out but the school work is just beginning for construction crews across Portland.

They are scrambling to reinforce several schools that are at risk of crumbling in an earthquake.

One of those schools is Alameda Elementary in Northeast Portland. Alameda is one of five schools in the Portland Public School District undergoing earthquake retrofitting this summer.

Built in the 1920s, the school was at risk of collapsing in a mega-magnitude 9 earthquake. It s a quake scientists now say we could get at any time.

Our intent is to create a situation where ... in the event of a seismic event that the students are safe enough in order to get out of the building, explained project manager Randy Miller.

Crews were replacing old unreinforced walls with much stronger ones and making sure the roof doesn't collapse when the ground starts to shake.

And they have a lot of work to do in a short amount of time,

In 72 calendar days we re doing a complete seismic upgrade, said Miller.

Across town at Wilson High School crews were ripping out the entire roof-top to replace it with one that will also better withstand a quake.

All the work was made possible thanks to the $482 million bond voters passed in November. Over the next 8 years all 63 Portland Public Schools will undergo seismic upgrades.

Our schools are in tough shape and the passage of the bond was a blessing, said Miller.

Some Portland Public Schools have already had some seismic upgrades.

Parents of children in the Portland Public School district can find out what's been done to seismically retrofit their school by clicking here.

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