PORTLAND -- Local start-up GigaPan, is taking pictures beyond hi-def with its equipment that creates never before seen clarity and software that lets you immerse yourself in the images.

Work done by NASA, Google and Carnegie Mellon University helped create technology to produce the stunning photos taken by the Mars Rover.

Now it's being used to produce hi-definition images. At the heart of the system is the GigaPan, programmable camera mount assembled in Portland.

It uses most any digital camera to take hundreds even thousand of individual pictures that are stitched together using software to create seamless gigapixel panoramas.

The Blazers use it. You can zoom in on the ball. The Beijing and London Olympics were captured using the system. Zoom in and you'll find things you didn't know were there.

Major League Baseball, the Portland Timbers, and the University of Portland have all taken a shot.

With our technology you can create images that have so much depth, you keep zooming in to things that are ten miles away, and you can see them clearly, said Susan Thesing, Vice President of business development.

President Obama s first inauguration put GigaPan on the map with 14 million views.

It enabled the company to grow, now with 30 employees. If you just want to have some fun, visit the GigaPan website.

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