LINCOLN CITY, Ore. -- A suspect was arrested Monday for the crash that killed a man dribbling a soccer ball along U.S. Highway 101, police said.

Richard Swanson, 42, was on the first leg of a journey from Seattle to Brazil to raise awareness for the One World Futbol charity when he was struck by a vehicle and killed on May 14.

The driver, Scott Von Hiatt of Neskowin, remained at the scene and cooperated with investigators.

Lincoln City police announced Monday they had arrested Hiatt, 52 (pictured right), on charges of

criminally negligent homicide. Hiatt was being held in the Lincoln County Jail on $50,000 bail and was scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

The Lincoln County grand jury indictment document provides no details of the incident. It lists six witnesses who appeared before the panel.

Hiatt was released from jail on a conditional release after his first appearance in court Tuesday. He said he is receiving hospice care from a Lincoln City hospital.

KGW spoke with Swanson's son, Devin Swanson, Tuesday.

I do not agree with the charges against him. I feel they're too lenient and don't fully show the severity of his actions, he said.

Swanson on Soccer Pilgrimage

In an interview with The Daily News in Longview, Wash., Richard Swanson said he picked up soccer just five years ago and played on club teams and rooted for the Seattle Sounders.

I felt destined that I should go on this trip, he said. His website said he left Seattle on May 1, and the trip would take him on foot for more than a year through 11 countries before reaching Sao Paolo, Brazil, where the World Cup soccer tournament will be played.

It will be a trip of a lifetime where I will push myself further than I ever thought possible, he wrote.

Swanson started out in flip-flops, and managed to spend 13 nights but switched to hiking sandals in Portland. He stayed two nights in Vancouver, Wash., with his son, Devin, but otherwise had been able to sleep on the couches of one stranger after another who befriended him and helped him on his journey.

It was all by word of mouth, Facebook, media contacts, friends and family who put the word out, said Kristi Schwesinger, a Seattle interior designer and close friend of Swanson's.

Swanson spent Monday night in Lincoln City, where he was able to soak in a hot tub and eat a gourmet breakfast before he set off for Newport, not knowing where he would stay, she added. He posted photos and stories about his new friends on a Facebook page chronicling his journey.

Swanson posted a YouTube video of himself walking along the beach in Lincoln City on the very afternoon he was struck and killed.

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story stated that the crash was a hit-and-run, but the driver did stay at the scene and cooperate with investigators.

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